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Vedapure Ayurvedic Natural and Pure Raw 25g Shilajit Resin with 1g Kashmir Kesar Saffron Combo Pack

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* ISO, FSSAI, GMP & Ministry of Ayush certified.
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Saffron is full of health benefits. that’s why it is considered the most precious natural resource
Saffron is best during pregnancy and reliefs pain in menstrual days
Saffron is not only used as a flavor in food but also provides energy to the body
Shilajit boosts up immunity and iron levels in the body
Shilajit has anti-aging properties, nourishing your skin
Shilajit is highly effective in building muscle mass and treats hair loss also

How to Use

STEP 1: Never put wholesome saffron in your food. Instead, crumble the saffron strands of Vedapure Kashmir Saffron and put in food items. You can decorate your delicious food by sprinkling saffron strands on the surface. Add extra flavor and aroma to your cuisine with Vedapure saffron.

STEP 2: Take a pea-sized portion of Vedapure Shilajit Resin (0.5 gram approx) and dissolve it in milk or lukewarm water. Take twice, after your meals like after breakfast and dinner or as directed by Healthcare Professional.

Detailed Description 

Vedapure Combo Pack brings to you the most Nourishing Health Benefits in an all-in-one Combo Pack. With the goodness of rich saffron, secrets of rocky Himalayas are also provided to you in the form of Shilajit. Over the years, Ayurvedic practitioners have used the diversified shilajit to cure humans of various ailments. Shilajit provides support to your body and improves the immune system. Vedapure saffron is intensified and directly harvested and taken from originally from Kashmir. The aroma itself will describe the purity of our natural saffron. The finest quality serves as a powerhouse of strength and nutrition. Vedapure combo pack of saffron and shilajit will keep you glowing and provide a powerful body.

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