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VEDAPURE NATURALS Afghan Saffron Premium A++ Grade, Highest Quality

VEDAPURE NATURALS Afghan Saffron Premium A++ Grade, Highest Quality

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* ISO, FSSAI, GMP & Department of Ayush certified.
* 100% Original Ayurvedic Products. No replicas.
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 Improves the functioning of the digestive system
 Boosts up immunity and energy levels
 You can use it in various cuisine to add flavor & aroma
 Provides great relief in painful menstrual cramps
 Saffron is best during pregnancy 

How to Use

STEP 1: Never take wholesome saffron strands into your cooking. Instead, always crumbled the desired amount of strands into a small container. And, for the best results, grind them with a pestle. 

STEP 2: You can take it with milk during bedtime
STEP 3: Saffron threads are better to consume after soaking them in milk or water for an hour
STEP 4: You can also take it with warm water early in the morning
STEP 5: Indulge the shining saffron in any desired dish to enhance food flavor

Quantity: 1 gram

Package Content: 1 Afghan Kesar (1 gram)

Shelf Life: 720 Days

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

Detailed Description

Vedapure Afghan Saffron Premium is the ultimate combination of purity and quality. The standard saffron arrives right from the territory of Afghanistan. These premium saffron are naturally grown in Herat province of Afghanistan, which has the most suitable climate and rich soil for saffron cultivation. Harvested by hand, these saffron strands are naturally dried to extend maximum shelf life. The all-red strands of saffron are impressively packed in a beautiful airtight fully sealed jar in India. The 100% pure saffron are inspected thrice to ensure finest red saffron strands. Saffron is not only about great flavours but also enhances body. It is great for gifting purpose due to the premium packaging in occasions like wedding or in Diwali festival.


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