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VEDAPURE NATURALS Mongra Saffron/Kesar Premium A++ Grade Saffron 1GM

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 Improves the functioning of the digestive system
 Boosts up immunity and energy levels
 You can use it in various cuisine to add flavor & aroma
 Provides great relief in painful menstrual cramps
 Saffron is best during pregnancy

How to Use

STEP 1:  Never take wholesome saffron strands into your cooking. Instead, always crumbled the desired amount of strands into a small container. And, for the best results, grind them with a pestle

STEP 2: You can take it with milk during bedtime
STEP 3: Saffron threads are better to consume after soaking it in milk or water for an hour
STEP 4: You can also take it with warm water early in the morning
STEP 5: Indulge the shining saffron in any desired dish to enhance food flavor

Quantity: 1 gm

Package Contents: 1 Mongra Saffron (1 gm)

Shelf Life: 730 Days

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

Detailed Description

VEDAPURE NATURALS & Pure Mongra Saffron contains original saffron strands of pure red color and an awesome aroma. Mongra is one of the finest qualities of saffron. Our saffron is not only 100% pure and natural but is also very nourishing. To provide you with the highest quality of saffron, we bring to you naturally harvested, sun-dried, and freshly packed saffron. The premium Mongra saffron is used in a number of good quality beauty products such as rose petal face packs, fairness creams, and ubtan. Vedapure Natural & Pure Mongra Saffron is very healthy for growing children, pregnant women, and babies. Also beneficiary in beauty products and improved lifestyle. 

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VEDAPURE NATURALS Mongra Saffron/Kesar Premium A++ Grade Saffron 1GM

₹. 359.00

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