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Vedapure Naturals Raw Shilajit for Strength & General Health-60 Capsules

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Vedapure Naturals Raw Shilajit for Strength & General Health-60 Capsules

₹. 449.00


Yes , our shilajit passed the miscobial tests along with heavy metal analysis.

Shilajit can be consumed by men and women both.

Yes , you can take shilajit in summers also.

The shelf life of shilajit is 36 months They should be stored in cool , dark and dry place.

Shilajit does not have any side effects when taken as prescribed.

Shilajit takes upto 2-3 months to show the effect.

The duration for which one can take shilajit supplements can vary depending on individual health goals, overall health status, and the specific formulation of the supplement being used

As with any supplement, it's crucial for individuals with specific health conditions to consult with a healthcare professional before taking shilajit or any other new supplement. While shilajit is generally considered safe to use.

Shilajit supplements are often in the range of 100-500 milligrams per day, taken once or twice daily. It's essential to follow these recommendations unless otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

There isn't typically a significant difference in the recommended dosage of shilajit between men and women

Yes, our team of experts are always available to advice you.

Yes , shilajit is beneficial at workouts and other physical activities to boost satmina and energy for maximum results.

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