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Vedapure Testosterone Booster- Tribulus, Safed, Shilajit -60 Capsules

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Vedapure Natural Testosterone Booster is a homogenous mixture of great energy booster. It develops your muscle and builds a great physique. It is full of all-natural ingredients. Rich natural sources induce power and strength in the body. Vedapure Testosterone ensures an overall healthy development. It is an extraordinary blend of highly nutritious and effective herbs, namely, Somnifera, Tribulus Terrestris, Shatavari, Withania Somnifera, and others. Rejoice the Vedapure Booster and bless yourself with a healthy mantra.


  • Helps to Increases overall energy levels
  • Helps to Faster Muscle Growth
  • Helps to Increases immunity
  • Helps to Regulates better functioning of the health system

How to Use

Take 1 capsule half an hour after your meal, with lukewarm milk. For better results, take capsules twice a day.

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