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Vedapure Spirulina Superfood For Men & Women- 60 Capsules

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Vedapure Spirulina Superfood For Strengthening Immunity & Overall Wellness is developed for overall health protection. It has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an anti-oxidant agent. It can be used as a daily supplement in this busy life. Spirulina is rich in vegetarian protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is highly nutritious for your body’s growth and development. It is made from natural spirulina powder to give you the maximum health benefits. Include Vedapure Spirulina Superfood Capsule in your diet for energized lifestyle.


  • Rich source of Iron
  • Fights against virus and bad bacteria
  • Boosts stamina in the body
  • Maintains better hemoglobin levels
  • Builds the strong immune system

How to Use

Take one capsule of Vedapure Spirulina half an hour after your meal, with lukewarm milk or water. For better results, take capsules twice a day.

Quantity: 60 Capsule

Package Contents: 1 Bottle of Spirulina Capsule

Shelf Life: 1095 Days

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

Item Form: Capsule

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