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Vedapure Natural & Pure A++ Grade Spanish Saffron/Kesar Threads- 1 Gram

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Sunshine spice, saffron is imported all the way from Spain. It is completely pure and arrives without any artificial or added colorant. Natural Product: Vedapure natural Spanish saffron has extraordinary strands rich in multiple benefits. Owing to the vast herbal & medicinal values, adding saffron to your diet could also be effective in weight loss. This red gold by Vedapure naturals will supplement you along with an awesome flavor. The aroma and essence of saffron will mesmerize you. Coupled with many health benefits, consuming this natural ingredient will give you a wonderful skin glow. A pinch of saffron is all you need to start your day. You can add this culinary treasure to many dishes. You can use Vedapure saffron in sweets, milkshakes, biryani, or ice-cream to indulge in delicious taste.


  • Enhances physical metabolism and boost the immunity system of the body
  • Stimulates hormones and treat menstrual problems
  • Crocin found in saffron provides protection against cancer
  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Get a glowing skin tone and better complexion
  • Advances memory power and learning abilities

How to Use

  • You can take it with milk during bedtime
  • Saffron threads are better to consume after soaking it in milk or water for an hour
  • You can also take it with warm water early in the morning
  • Indulge the shining saffron in any desired dish to enhance food flavor

Quantity : 1 gm; Package Contents

Spanish Saffron : (1 gm)

shelf Life : 730 Days

Ingreident Type : Vegetarian

Customer Reviews

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Shanthini Kt
3 month

I am just three month crossed. So after 4th month I will start

Moumita Bayen

Vedapure Natural & Pure A++ Grade Spanish Saffron/Kesar Threads- 1 Gram

Athira As

Good product

Joginder Singh

Vedapure Natural & Pure A++ Grade Spanish Saffron/Kesar Threads- 1 Gram

Tenzing kelsang bhutia Bhutia

It good but when I get my thing it was broken and pices of bottles are inside it so plz replaced my order as soon as possible I have already mentioned in messenger so it taking time

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