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Vedapure Kashmiri Bunch Saffron Grade A++ Saffron/Kesar- 5 gram

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Vedapure Kashmiri Bunch Saffron is a premium quality saffron found in the deep valleys of Kashmir. Our saffron is made up from all the natural red stigmas, professionally cut, separated from style by hand, making sure that there is absolutely no breakage or damage. Vedapure Kashmiri saffron is hand-picked, Flash-dried, a process in which saffron is so fastly dried up that it loses no vitamins, taste, or nutrients. You can feel our standard saffron just from your eyes or nose. As soon as you open Vedapure Kasmiri Bunch Saffron package, an aroma will be spread all the over the place. The significant aroma of  this spice will mesmerize you completely. This ultimately proves that Vedapure saffron is free of any artificial components and naturally rich in standard quality. Now, sprinkle saffron strings over your food items and draw all the attention.


  • Saffron is such a precious natural resource, that it has ample health benefits
  • Gives strength to your digestive system
  • Consuming saffron is best during pregnancy days
  • Relief in painful menstrual days
  • Enhance energy levels in body and increase immunity
  • Can be used as flavours in many different food stuff

How to Use

Never throw wholesome saffron strands into your food. The best way is to crumble desired amount of saffron threads into a small container. For best results, grind them well.

Quantity: 5 gm

Package Contents: 1 Kashmiri Bunch Saffron (2 gm)

Shelf Life: 720 Days

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

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