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Vedapure Premium A++ Grade Kashmiri Saffron/ Kesar- 1gram

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Vedapure Premium A++ Grade Kashmiri Saffron is the most purest and natural sourced saffron. It is grown and harvested in the province of Kashmir. You will be bestowed upon the most fantastic aroma, with vivid color and intense taste. The standard saffron can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it in worship as it is considered pure and auspicious. You can also use it in Kheer, Sheera, and more food to give it an amazing flavor. The saffron remains the most sought and expensive spice in the world. Bringing you the finest quality, Vedapure Premium Saffron is the leading brand in Delhi in terms of being naturals, and pure. Ultimate premium saffron is now here, make your food graceful, delicious and give it an exquisite aroma.


  • Saffron is such a precious natural resource, that it has ample health benefits
  • Gives strength to your digestive system
  • Consuming saffron is best during pregnancy days
  • Relief in painful menstrual days
  • Enhance energy levels in the body and increase immunity
  • Can be used as flavors in much different foodstuff

    How to Use

    Never throw wholesome saffron strands into your food. The best way is to crumble the desired amount of saffron threads into a small container. For best results, grind them well.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Roshini Rimsha

    Very best price

    Shoaib Ansari

    The packaging was awesome. 100% genuine I would highly recommend to everyone.

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