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Vedapure Herbal Vedaprash For Immunity & Health Protection 200gm

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Vedapure Herbal Vedaprash is all-in-one for Immunity support supplement for all age groups. This a honey based, and sugar free chyawanprash, suited for all. We have developed a great ayurvedic herbal formulation to give you daily required energy and nutrition. In our day-to-day life, we rush often and neglect our health. So, Vedapure Herbal Vedaprash is especially made for you to enjoy healthy lifestyle with carefree attitude. Just 1 teaspoon of this extraordinary taste and exquisite ingredients will build up your immunity and fight bravely against all infections. Include Vedapure Herbal Vedaprash in your daily diet and get a healthy physique instantly.


  • Promotes strength and stamina
  • Builds constructive energy
  • Fights against daily immunity
  • Recovery from general weakness
  • Various Ayurvedic ingredients are conducive for fit body

How to Use

  • Adult: 1 teaspoon twice daily
  • Children (3-12 Years): ½ teaspoon twice daily
  • It can be consumed directly or with warm water or milk.

Ingredient Type

  • Vegetarian 

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