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Vedapure Veda Chyawanprash 100% Natural & herbal For Immunity & Health Protection 500gm

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Veda Chyawanprash the formula is From the ancient ayurvedic scriptures. It is loaded with antioxidants that help your body to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. It helps reorganize the balance of antibodies which elevate your body's resistance capacity to fight bacteria and germs. Additionally, the powerful antioxidants help boost energy to fight fatigue and tiredness.


  • Promotes strength and stamina
  • Builds constructive energy
  • Fights against daily immunity
  • Recovery from general weakness
  • Various Ayurvedic ingredients are conducive for fit body

How to Use

  • Adult: 1 teaspoon twice daily
  • Children (3-12 Years): ½ teaspoon twice daily
  • It can be consumed directly or with warm water or milk.

Ingredient Type

  • Vegetarian 

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