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Vedapure Fat Burner 6X Weight Management- 90 Capsules

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A natural product providing you an attractive physique. Vedapure Fat Burner 6X is an interblend of natural ingredients to help reduce excess body fat, increase energy, and enhances metabolic rate. An effective and tested weight management supplement for both men and women.  Vedapure Fat Burner 6X is totally made up of pure and natural ingredients like green coffee which is a powerful item in reducing weight. This supplement contains African mango, garcinia, green tea, and more such dynamic ingredients to attack fat and give you an appealing body. Along with reducing weight, this helps in increasing metabolism.  Increased metabolic in return shed many kilos and gives you desired results. Include this commendable bat burner supplement and witness the remarkable transformation in your body.


  • An advanced formula to reduce the excess weight of men and women
  • Targets on metabolism. Hence, promotes weight loss via increased metabolic rate
  • Boosts power and energy
  • Helps in reducing and burning fat
  • Desired weight loss in really less time
  • Effective in weight management and aids a fit body

How to Use

  • Two capsules two times per day after each meal. For best results, please take a minimum proper dosage of at least 3 months in a row. Do not expect significant changes like weight reduction or powerful appetite suppression in the first 15 days.

Quantity: 90 Capsule

Package Contents: 1 Bottle of Fat Burner

Shelf Life: 1095 Days

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

Item Form: Capsule

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