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Regal Essence Red Onion Hair Conditioner For Unisex- 300ml

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Treating damaged hair can be a big problem. When going out is a must and pollutants harm your hairs. Regal Essence Red Onion Hair Conditioner is a blend of natural ingredients to infuse life in your hairs. It transforms hair texture and provides ultimate shine. Highly effective in strengthening hair follicles, reduce hair fall, repair and protect damaged hair. This conditioner improves hair from roots and antioxidants work on the scalp. This gives you a better hair formation, and also improves hair strands and texture. It is suitable for all hair types, giving nourishment to hairs and scalp. Revive your long-lasting hair health, naturally. Now forget the messy hair and welcome sunshine shiny, thick, and long healthy hairs with Regal Essence Red Onion Seed Oil Conditioner. 


  • Red onion extract contains strong antioxidant properties which improve blood circulation to roots
  • Rich in fatty acids, red onion seed oil provides protective barrier cover to strands
  • Wheat protein not only aids in hair conditioning but also provides shining hair
  • Black seed oil improves overall hair health and gives you lustrous hair

How to Use

Use this onion hair conditioner after every hair wash. For better results, maximize use to 2-3 times a week with Regal Essence Red Onion Hair Shampoo.


  • Red onion extract
  • red onion seed oil
  • wheat protein
  • black seed oil
  • Natural Product

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