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Raw Shilajit/Shilajeet Resin for Men & Women Supports General Weakness-25 Gram

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Vedapure Shilajeet is a standard ayurvedic booster. Including in your daily routine, Shilajeet Resin can do wonders on your health, mind and body. Shilajeet is a very valuable resource, found in the rocks of the Himalayas. It is a naturally found dark and sticky substance and takes over hundreds of years in form. Since ancient times, Ayurvedic practitioners are using this excellent resource to cure human beings. This extraordinary supplement rejuvenates you. 


  • Contains 85 iconic minerals and up to 20% fulvic acid
  • Helps to Boosts up high energy levels
  • Effective in reducing Hair Loss and Muscle Mass
  • Dynamic in increasing iron levels in the body
  • Treats high altitude sickness, too
  • Also comprises of Anti-Ageing properties, that nourishes your skin


  • Take a pea-sized portion of Vedapure Shilajit Resin (0.5 gram approx) and dissolve it in milk or lukewarm water. Take twice, after your meals like after breakfast and dinner or as directed by Healthcare Professional.

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

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