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Face wash & Sandalwood Combo

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Regal Essence Vitamin C Face Wash and Sandalwood Oil Combo is a blend for nourishing your skin in an amazing way. As soon as you hear sandalwood, you feel an immense aroma. Yes, you get it absolutely right. The mesmerizing aromatic Regal Essence Sandalwood Oil is all here to sprinkle an aura of calmness. This pleasant fragrance contains therapeutic properties. Sandalwood oil is being used as a skincare product for ages and generations. This grandmother formula treats dry skin also when applied its base oil. Purifies skin and provides a cooling effect and promotes skin health as it has antiseptic and anti-aging properties. Regal Essence Vitamin C Face Wash is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C and Turmeric brightening properties to give you a natural glow. It enhances your skin tone and complexion. It eliminates excess oil, dirt, and lethargy from your face. It boosts blood circulation in your facial muscle. Use the combo pack of Regal Essence Vitamin C Face Wash and Sandalwood Essential Oil for radiant skin.


  • Valuable sandalwood oil treats skin problems
  • Due to its strong hydrating properties, it cleanses all types of skin
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil treats rashes, sunburn, acne effectively
  • Vitamin C reduces skin damage with remarkable cell reinforcement properties
  • Treats dark spots and wrinkles
  • Brightens up skin tone
  • Make your skin look graceful and gently tender
  • Removes air pollutants through deep cleansing
  • Gives you a brilliant natural glow

How to Use

  • Regal Essence Sandalwood Oil: You can apply it directly to your face. Also, it can be used along with any base oil on the skin.
  • Regal Essence Vitamin C Face Wash: Use your fingertips and gently rub face wash all over your face. Must use after coming from outside. Use every day for glowing skin

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