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Shampoo and Hair Oil Combo

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Regal Essence Red Onion Shampoo and Hair Oil Combo are developed for hair problems and natural solutions in hair treatment. The dynamic formula helps in doubling hair growth. It moisturizes your hair strands and gives you great volume. The hair damage problems like split ends, hair fall, roughness, dryness must be troubling you to the core. Now, it’s high time to fight back and recover healthy hairs. Our Regal essence products are dermatologically tested. This combo shampoo and oil pack contain vital nutrients to nourish your hair. Regal Essence Onion Shampoo and Hair Oil will give you stunning hair solving all hair damage issues, gradually. This provides you confidence with any hairstyle


  • Keratin actives penetrate deep to repair hair
  • Provides vitamins with advanced hair growth
  • Strengthening fiber actives
  • Natural ingredients target directly on the scalp and treat hair damage
  • Onion oil is highly useful in hair loss and adds volume to your hair
  • Essentials of amla oil strengthens hair and scalp and stimulates natural hair growth

How to Use

  • Regal Essence Red Onion Hair Oil: Take the oil drops on tip of your fingers. Gently massage it on the base of your hair and let it penetrate into your scalp. You can leave it overnight or for better results. Daily use is recommended for maximum benefits.

  • Regal Essence Red Onion Shampoo: Rinse your hair with water and dilute shampoo in little water. Then apply this diluted shampoo water to your scalp. Massage it forward and backward; rub it gently on the scalp for 4-5 minutes. Wash your hair with water and for better results, follow it by Regal Essence Red Onion Hair Conditioner.

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