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Regal Essence Rosemary Essential Oil, For Skin, Muscle & Joints-15ml

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Regal Essence Rosemary Oil carries the ancient formula for strength. This extraordinary rosemary oil is very precious and serve multiple purposes. It is not only effective on the skin, but also on muscles and joints. It was even considered a sacred plant by the ancient civilizations for its ample benefits. It was believed to cleanse the air and thereby naturally preventing you from cold and cough. Also, effective in promoting hair growth. In fact, the ancient Greek, Romanian and Egyptians were also fond of these magical rosemary benefits. You will too witness dynamic impact after rosemary oil usage. Essential Rosemary Oil is  beneficial in many ways.


  • Rosemary oil core elements even stimulate hair growth
  • Valued medicinal properties of rosemary may act as a pain reliever
  • Also, highly aromatic rosemary oil reduces stress
  • Rosemary oil also may helps in decreasing inflammation in knee or joints·Potential rosemary oil with multiple benefits your skin, hair as well as muscles and joints

How to Use

You can use it in many ways for your purpose and choice.

  • Inhale vapours mixed with rosemary oil-water in case of cold & cough
  • Mix it with other oils and apply the mixture on painful areas of joints
  • Add it to water and take a warm bath for relaxation
  • Apply it on the scalp for treating hair loss


  • Avocado
  • Hazelnut
  • Sesame 
  • Coconut Oil

Extracts from leaves & flowers of Rosemary herbs. Natural Product.

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