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Vedapure Vitamin C Natural Amla for Immunity- 20 Effervescent Tablets

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* ISO, FSSAI, GMP & Ministry of Ayush certified.
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 Boosts immunity through Vitamin C from the natural extract of Amla and gives alluring orange flavor
 Contains anti-oxidant properties to fight and maintains overall health
 No added Ascorbic acid
 Provides nourishment to body and repairs damaged tissues
 Regulates the proper functioning of the immune system
 Helps in iron absorption

How to Use

STEP 1: Dissolve a tablet into 200ml of water. Shake it well until the effervescent Vedapure tablet dissolves. Now, enjoy the fizzy mouth-watering orange health booster drink. 

Detailed Description

Vedapure Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant made up of natural Amla extracts. This effervescent tablet will boost your immunity. The 1000mg Vitamin C and bioflavonoids strengthen your body’s own immune mechanism. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that improves skin tone and fights against infections. If you feel cold cough regularly, then a Vitamin C tablet is a must for you. It also treats energy levels in the body. bioflavonoids help you absorb Vitamin C faster and effectively. It has no side effects since it is totally natural. Vedapure Vitamin C tablets arrive in a tube of 20 tablets in a very tasty orange flavor. Now, embark on the strong journey of a healthy and natural lifestyle with Vedapure Vitamin C immunity tablets.

Customer Reviews

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Mohd Nishar
Energy Booster

This product gives instant energy, good summer drink.