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Vedapure Plant Protein with MCT Powder for Boost Energy & Lean Muscle Growth - 500 GM

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* ISO, FSSAI, GMP & Ministry of Ayush certified.
* 100% Original Ayurvedic Products. No replicas.
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 Improves memory and brain function
 Reduces blood sugar levels
 Boosts the high level of energy
 Helps in weight management
 Highly yielding for ketogenic diet

How to Use

STEP 1: Mix 1 serving (10 gram) of MCT powder to your favorite beverages as needed for added energy and calories. Can be taken 3-4 times a day. Also, you can add this to various meal replacements for added calories and energy.

Detailed Description

Vedapure Plant Protein-based MCT Powder is a phenomenal product with energy-boosting ingredients. The extraordinary formula is completely Ayurvedic. For a ketogenic diet, it’s a magical solution. It is absolutely cholesterol-free and contains no added sugar. It not only provides strength but also contains plant enriching protein. The goodness of plant protein of Vedapure MCT Powder is more vital and is available in delicious chocolate flavor. This will provide you vigor and strength with nourishing enhancement to the body. Avail of the exclusive Vedapure MCT Powder to build muscle mass and take the essential proteins.