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Healthmeds Wheat Grass For Detoxification, Boosting Immunity- 60 capsules

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Healthmeds Wheat Grass is a superfood for the detoxification process and boosting immunity in the body. It is highly rich in proteins and contains powerful 17 amino acids. It is an important source of various vitamins, like vitamins a and b. it also fights different types of infections and acts as an anti-oxidant agent. It supports weight loss in the body. It’s a natural medicine with holistic health benefits. Healthmeds Wheat Grass is a powerhouse of energy and boosts metabolism. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that treat chronic inflammation. For effective health beneficiary and stamina, include the Healthmeds Wheat Grass supplement in your diet.


  • Boosts metabolic rate
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves digestive system
  • Reduces cholesterol significantly
  • As a detoxifier, it eliminates the toxic substances from the body

How to Use

  • Take 1 capsule of Healthmeds Wheat Grass, with lukewarm water or milk, or as directed by the Physician. For better results, take capsules twice a day.

Quantity: 60 Capsules

Package Content: 1 Bottle of Healthmeds Wheat Grass

Ingredient Type: Natural Product

Item Form: Capsules

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