About Us

We are the Old Healing Science, named as Vedapure Naturals. Vedapure Naturals is an Indian Organization of Ayurvedic & Natural Healthcare. Vedapure is well known for Shilajit Blends & furthest formulations of Capsules. Vedapure Naturals portfolio today includes four front runners with distinct brand identities – Vedapure as the sovereign brand for pure and natural healthcare products, RockGold for premium personal and healthcare, Healthmeds for 100% hereditary healthcare and Regal Essence for Ultimate Solutions for Beauty by History Royals.

Our all herbs are carefully gathered by hand before being ground whilst still maintaining all the freshness and goodness before being safely packed to start its beautiful voyage to you, ensuring the benefits you enjoy is as fresh and nutritious as the day they were harvested. Our all products are lovingly grown by small scale farmers carefully selected and monitored by our team in India. We believe in hitting overall targets of Quality and Quantity.